Saturday, April 2, 2011

30 Days Of Blogging (Day 8)

I'm actually out today for some summer fun with my in-laws so I just scheduled this to post (ooops! BWO).

Day 8 - A Place You've Traveled To

I've been to a lot of place actually, traveling is one of my favorite activity whenever I have free time. I travel with my family, my friends, churchmates and officemates. But I think the best place I've been was in Palawan on my honeymoon in 2009. The was awesome, it's so beautiful and clean. That's one thing I noticed about the place. Even though they don't have big malls just like what we have in the city, they have this one (and only) mall in the heart of their city which actually offers everything residents -and visitors- would need. I have already posted a topic about Palawan's scenery and have posted a picture (without watermark) from one of the tourist spots there. Anyway here are some pictures from our travel.

that's us inside the Bat Cave
view outside the Bat Cave
island hopping, Snake Island
another island hopping, Starfish Island
NCCC Mall, not quite a good view but that mall is big actually
low tide, that tree was 'in' the water
@ Crocodile Farm (i don't like them LOL)
this cutie is looking at me when I took his picture, cute!
I wish to go back there with my daughter so she could enjoy nature. They really have a nice place, nice people and fantastic government down there (",)

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