About Me

Hello there! Thanks for taking time visiting my blog and checking on my posts.

Well, about me, I'm a Christian stay at home first time mom to a lovely tot who will soon turn one, and a wife to a man who loves me just because I am me. I live by the Word of God and believes that he is the reason for everything.

I LOVE READING. Books, magazines and I love collecting them because I have a dream of having a home library where my family could hang out and go to different places in our imagination.

I love traveling. My husband and I used to go places before we got married. But since my little tot hasn't turned one yet, we seldom travel. We'll be doing it again after my little girl can already run, LOL!

I'm a traditional scrapper turned digiscrapper-a new found hobby since I cannot 'paper scrap' at this time because I have to take care of my precious one while making the house. I have three blogs, one is this, the other one is the Mummy Diaries which tackles about my daughter and family life; and the other one was just new, Just A Crap where I plan to post all my digi LOs. That isn't my first scrap blog. I had one a couple of years ago where I post all my 'paper scraps' but unfortunately my gmail account was hacked and so I can no longer access my blog then. Sad. Anyway, I've already moved on and made this account.

I hope you had a good time and enjoying what you read. Have a great day!


Joshua 24:15 But as for me and my household, we will serve The Lord


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