Friday, April 1, 2011

30 Days Of Blogging (Day 7)

Here we go...

Day 7 - Favorite Movie

I remember in 2002 when 'A Walk To Remember' movie was introduced before the book, I bought a vcd copy of it. And because I love that movie (not to mention that I like Mandy Moore as well, and who doesn't?!) so much that I wrote a letter on the paper cover for my daughter! At that time, my boyfriend then husband and I were not yet thinking about getting married. Hahaha! I was so into that movie, really. I was so affected I can't move on for months. Then I read the book by Nicholas Sparks, one of my much loved author of great novels. Wow, it's a good thing I read the book AFTER I watched the movie or else I'll be disappointed of thinking where was this scene or this line because in the movie, when Jamie and Landon got married, Jamie can still walk whereas in the book, it clearly says there that she can barely speak at all and she was already in a wheelchair. Well it doesn't matter to me honestly. I both love the book and the movie. One day soon, I will let my daughter watch the movie that made her mom cry whenever she remembers the time when Landon gave Jamie a parchment where it says that he named a star after her. Aaaaaaw! That was so touching! And this movie has a lot of memorable quotes just like this one:

"Jamie: You have to promise you won't fall in love with me.
Landon: That's not a problem."

And it has been!

Before I close let me share with you this video of Mandy Moore singing 'Cry.'

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