Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Sweet Escape.

It was my first time to Palawan, And my expectations are met. I've been to a lot of places and seen lovely scenery, ate a lot, laughed without hesitation of course, to be with my husband as a sweet escape from our daily routine. There are things I noticed about Palawan.

1. They don't have SM Malls. Only NCCC Mall.
2. There are NO trash on the road. according to our tourist guide, it's because they have a very strict policy when it comes to maintaining the cleanliness of their province.
3. Palawan has no cinema house.

Well, it doesn't. The beauty of Palawan is enough to entertain every tourist.

We met new friends in staying there, they are our 'vanmates' because we were together in one van for everyday tour. but what's unusual was that, we met a couple whose married the same day we were! Only that their ceremony was done in the morning. Isn't it nice?

If I have the chance, I want to do it again!

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