Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Top 10 Tuesday #1

Top Ten {Tuesday}

Ten places I'd like to visit.

Here are my top ten list of places I would love to visit with my family.
10. Singapore. it's the nearest place from here where there is Disney Land.
9. Florida. I'd like to see Miami Beach, LOL!
8. Boracay. Yeah, I've never been to Bocaray yet.
7. Cebu. I don't know what's in there but I would really love to stay there even for a month.
6. Africa. To see and experience the wild.
5. France.
4. Stonehenge in United Kingdom.
3. London. Is it true that London bridge falls down? LOL!
2. Italy. To have a taste of the finest Italian Cuisines.
1. Paris. I really really love to see Paris. I love the European continent in general that's why on my list, most of the places listed was more in that continent.

Actually there are at least 15 places I like to visit someday soon, but these are my top 10. My husband and I are planning to celebrate our daughter's 3rd birthday in Disney Land. That's two years and two months from now. You may want to check out other's entry at Oh Amanda, click on the button to redirect you, Have fun!

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