Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sara Rue's Transformation

Sara Rue. I don't really know much information about her aside from she's  seen on the tv show 'Rules Of Engagement' and is the spokesperson for Jennifer Craig. But as I was googling, I saw this site where there are pictures of Sara Rue's transformation from flab to fab! And wow! My determination was pushed to lose weight. Take a look at her:
this is a 3600x3600 px which I made as my desktop background
I've read that she took a serious Yoga class and that she believes in the power of yoga that she lost 50 pounds in that matter! But not only did she enrolled in a yoga class, she's also running. My! What an inspiration! You might be asking why all of a sudden I was blogging something about losing weight. Well actually before, I don;t have any problems about losing weight, if I added weight in holidays, I will surely do something to shed it without thinking that I'm doomed. But pregnancy was not so friendly at all. Aside from the 'untidy' look I had, the messy hair and the oily face for nine complete months, I also gained weight. I think I doubled my weight. Yeah. And I know that one of the biggest challenge for women after giving birth is to get back into pre-pregnancy shape. I might now really get back into my old shape, but at least somehow shed these unwanted fat and be fit. It's not only for myself, but also for my family. Lately I'm becoming sickly that I cannot focus in taking care of my daughter that's why I realized that my being overweight is something that I have to think of a plan. My eating habit, my regular exercise. Although I must tell you that I don't eat A LOT, yet I don't have any heavy work at all. And I don't think that not getting enough sleep will help me lose weight or carrying my baby the whole day or doing the house chores alone. They are not enough. My body needs some work heavier than those. So by Monday, I will run again. I stopped actually, because as I have said, I'm becoming sickly. I really hope to run on Monday onwards while my husband walks my daughter. The first time we did it, it's fun, the three of us running (my husband pushing the stroller), was great!

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