Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thrusday Thunks #3

Sorry it's late this week. No excuses. Just forgot what day it was. - Thursday Thunks
Yeah, this post was a bit late...
1. How long can you hold your breath? Don't tell me you don't know... try it. I do, I just don't know...

2. Have you been watching the Decorah Eagles? no, not really..

3. Ever fallen off a horse? oh no, not yet LOL! I hope not!

4. Pick a color and a number and come up with a combination name for the new color.hmm... my favorite colors are black and white, my favorite number is 18... bwhite18 (?)

5. Write a paragraph about 10 minutes of your morning, writing it in the 3rd person. She woke up in the morning before the sun comes up and took her baby in her arms to feed her while preparing her morning coffee as her husband still lie on the bed to get some extra sleep before preparing for work.

6. What events have you marked on your calendar for this summer already?a lot actually, one of them is my baby's first birthday preparation..

7. If you could have any realistic talent, what would it be?play the piano, I can play the guitar quite fairly, but I really wanted to learn to play the piano..

8. What is the scariest place you've ever visited?a vacated library in my college years

9. If you were a cat, what already-made flavor of cat food (no chocolate flavors!) would you want to eat? I don't have any idea about cat foods...

10. What were you doing the Friday 2 weeks ago in the afternoon?watching season 1 of The Vampire Diaries :)

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