Friday, April 1, 2011

Letters Of Intent #1

Dear House helpers,

Honestly I know I really need to agree with my husband in hiring one. But what can I do? I'm just so afraid that whatever I read on the local newspaper and see on the television would happen to us especially my daughter. The reason why I don't want to agree with my husband hiring one is because of these frightening news about you guys hurting the kids you're supposed to take care of, and/or selling them to people who have bad intentions to children (molestation, pedophile, and the likes). I'm having quite a hard time taking care of everything-my growing daughter, my working husband, my clean house turned nightmare in the afternoon, my piling up laundry... Do you realize how how much I need you so I could spend quality time with my daughter and my husband without thinking of the messy dining table or the spinning washer? Please. Families are working so hard to pay you right thinking that they can entrust with you their home, their children. Please have some heart to understand and realize your true intentions.

A mom who's just thinking of the time she can spend with her family if only she could entrust with you their home without any worry.

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