Wednesday, April 20, 2011

30 Days Of Blogging (Day 26)

Day 26 - Picture Of Your Family

If you're asking for a picture of my immediate family, oh I don't have one on my laptop. I remember having only few family portraits. In my time I think digital cameras are newly invented and even though we had a scanner a couple of years ago, we didn't think of scanning pictures. But let me just tell you about my family.

We are four in the family. We were supposed to be five but my youngest sister went with the Lord two months after she was delivered due to pneumonia. She's a mini me. My mother used to tell me that she looks exactly like me. She's a sweet baby. She will look in the eyes of whoever is talking to her. But I know that's she's safe now with Our father.

I'm the eldest, I only have one brother and he's our youngest at the same time the only single left in the family LOL!

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