Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Word-filled Wednesday #4

It's really hot from where I am since Monday. Like I don't want to move or anything. Summer is really obvious in here. But it's not a reason for me to forget about how grateful God is everyday. He made everything in balance. Everything has a reason. I hope that people will not only fee like being 'holy' today because it's holy week. I see a lot of posts on my facebook feeds saying "let's all be holy as we celebrate holy week"  and  "it's holy week, let us all be holy"   and  "holy week means surrendering your weakness to God."  I find it quite sad too see people changing and becoming good because it's holy week. Being holy should not only be for the sake of holy week. We should be holy in our everyday lives-by thoughts, heart, motives, what we say.

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