Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Not So Wordless Wednesday

People's Park

Taal Volcano
These photos were take on my birthday last 23rd of January (which I forgot to blog about LOL) in Tagaytay. I love nature at its best. It gives you an example of calm, peace and quietness. In thye midst of this chaotic world, you can only have peace by thinking about the sea at night, a sleeping baby in the crib or a vacant office. But actually, we can have peace by choice. If you choose to have peace with everyone, with yourself, then you will have it because you CHOSE to.

When we went in Tagaytay, it was a bit rainy in the afternoon, but it didn't stop the tourists from checking onto each spots like the People's Park, Picnic Grove, Tagaytay Highlands and many others. And we're one of them. The place was too beautiful to just stay in the suite. Although it's not my first time to be there, it's my first time to be there with my husband and daughter, that's why the experience was very different.

Okay, so enough of Tagaytay. The first picture (tree), I used Pioneer Woman Fresh and Colorful in PS, after which, I played PW Seventies. On the second picture (Taal Volcano), I used PWAction Set1 (updated) Fresh and Colorful, then played Soft and Faded, and lastly Quick Edge Burn. So that's it for the Wednesday photo post.

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