Thursday, March 31, 2011

Google Doodle Celebrates Robert Bunsen's 200th Birthday

Okay, so based on the doodle, Robert Bunsen was the inventor of bunsen  burner, right? Not Really. From what I've read, he's just a co-creator of the bunsen burner, and we're (actually) celebrating his 200th birthday. What I like about Google, aside from the fact that I really like this search engine personally because of their doodles (LOL) and I'm comfortable in using it, was that they use their homepage as an enticement to the researchers/users. They feature important inventions and people who are tragically forgotten.

Here are some more of their doodles.

Jan 01, 2011
New Year's Day - (Global)

Feb 08, 2011

Feb 11, 2011
Thomas Edison's Birthday - (Global)

Mar 24, 2011
137th Birthday of Harry Houdini - (Global)
These are some of the doodles for this year which was shared globally. There are some doodles only for selected countries. Of course I 'Googled' these images. Here's the history of Google Doodle as shared by Dennis Hwang, Google employee:


 **Studio Flergs Shabbylicious Kit
 **Source - SoftPedia

 Now we know where it started and who's idea this enticement was (**wink).

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