Thursday, March 31, 2011

30 Days Of Blogging (Day 6)

Day 6, here we go!

Day 6 - A Picture Of Something That Makes You Happy

Of course I will answer you that my baby's pictures makes me happy. How about changing this to a picture of something that makes you laugh? Still good right? I know for sure that majority of the parents who will read this will answer-if not all- that their baby's or family's picture makes them happy. And who wouldn't?! Especially the ones where your baby's teeth (or tooth) are showing. And if I am to answer my 'reconstructed' question, here it is:

I saw this in one of my favorite blog, Mr. Foo's. When I downloaded it on my desktop (and I gave it a title: my everyday life) it was just for me to show my husband what my life is whenever he goes to sleep before I do, all for the sake of fun, not knowing that one day soon, I will be posting this on my blog. Shhhhh! This would be our little secret okay? (**wink)

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