Tuesday, March 29, 2011

30 Days Of Blogging (Day 4)

Wow! I'm now on my fourth day and it still keeps me going!

Day 4 - Your Parents

My mom was the loveliest woman I know. She's not a sweet mom neither a disciplinarian but I'm proud of her for raising four children. She's stressed to the limit but still finds time to talk and laugh with her children. She hate hospital and anything that links to it. She had smoked for like forever and she only stopped a year before she died. She was my mentor, my friend and my idol. She will do anything for her kids especially to make them feel they are loved and heard.

My father on the other hand, well, he's the disciplinarian. When we were still young he makes sure that before  he go to work there were activity sheets for us to answer after we do our homeworks. He allows us to play ONLY for 2-3 hours then after that we have to do the activity sheet again. When I was little I used to think that he's kind of hard on us. But when I was growing up, I realized that I can read books without stuttering at age 4. I was a reader at age 3. Yep, that early. And he's the reason why I learned to love books and embrace it as if it was my story written on every pages. He' a book lover and collector. He makes us the safest wooden toy in the world. Swing, slides, chess board, name it! All for the love to his children (I have an old photo of the slide I think, I wish I could scan it to post LOL!).

So there you go. I hope you could give your share as well :)

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