Friday, December 17, 2010

Me and My Baking

So I got married last year, had a great job, got pregnant, then had a baby this year, resigned from work to be a full time housewife and  a mom, still recovering from a c-section, then what?!

Well now that my baby is 5 months and 2 weeks already, she can play alone and want some time alone to explore her territory, I now have time to do something else not waiting for her to be a sleep. I can continue my scrap works and most of all, I can now indulge in my baking hobby (",)  Yup, I can bake and I can cook.

So my husband whose very much supportive of what I do, bought me some baking tools. And I have lined up a list of the goodies that I'm gonna make before Christmas:

1. Chocolate chip refrigerator cookie
2. Cinnamon sugar cookie
3. Peanut butter cookie
3. Turtle shortbread cookie
4. Walnut bar
5. Whole wheat chocochip cookie
6. Graham cake
7. Chocolate chip brown cookie dough cheesecake

Although graham cake was not baked, my husband requested for it. I do hope to make all of these though.

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