Monday, December 20, 2010

Graham Cake

Finally, I was able to make my husband his request: Graham Cake. My first experience in making graham cake was with my sweet dear cousin, she's the one who taught me. And now, after several years, I made my very own (without the help of anyone but the internet)! It was a great experience of trial and error. The recipe was actually very simple, but for a first timer like me, it's kind of 'how-was-this-made' thinking (",)

Graham Cake (Refrigerator Cake as my husband calls it)
2 packs Graham Cracker
1 can condense milk
2 packs all purpose cream
3 Large sized mangoes or 1 medium can of fruit cocktail
1. place a layer of graham cracker at the bottom of the container.
2. mix condense milk and all purpose cream together and place a layer on top of the
    cracker, spread evenly.
3. place fruit on top of the cream.
4. cover with graham cracker and repeat the procedure until container is full.
5. finish it with crushed graham and chill.

It's now up to you to garnish the top with cream or fruits. Very easy isn't it? I hope to make some more for Christmas.

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