Sunday, October 31, 2010

Giving Vaccination to a Happy Baby

We took Bella, my daughter to her pediatrician this afternoon for her third vaccination. I was a bit uneasy and nervous at the same time because the last time that she had her shot, I wasn't there. I have to hurry home for some serious stomach pain. Her pediatrician readied the syringe of the six in one vaccine. Her Dad was the one who assisted the doctor and the nurse. I was imagining the she would cry her throat out and that I have to hurry and carry her up so she would know that I'm just there and I understand how painful it was. But it didn't happen. Her dad was talking to her all the time that she didn't notice what the doctor was doing to her - or was it because her thigh was too big for her to feel the needle? Lol!

I guess that should never be a question. She's not the type of baby that cries a lot (friends told me I'm blessed for having such a baby). Her doctor was amazed by how she reacted with the vaccination, not even a small cry but a wide smile for everyone inside the clinic.

I hope that she will always be like this - a happy child. But it will not be easy to raise a child to be 'always' happy and contented. I have read a lot of books about how to be a good mom, how to raise a happy child, dummies for mummies and the likes. But only through personal experience will you learn all the how to's that you need to know. I'm only a mother for four sweet, happy and adjusting months and I am still depending on what the books I'm reading, my sisters, my friends and my baby's pedia are telling me.  Babies have emotions too. One time or another they will cry, grunt, smile, laugh, pants, groan, babbles and coos. All the emotions in the world. Well maybe - just maybe - if God will give me a second baby, I might be able to cope smoothly to motherhood (",)


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