Monday, October 17, 2011


When my daughter celebrated her first birthday in June, I made a photobook as her guestbook. It's a digiscrap photobook that I enjoyed making. Friends and relatives thought that I had it made by a professional, that I went to a shop.

It was a 42 page 8x8 photobook. It consists of her birth, 1st birthday, 1st Christmas, 1st New Year, 1st Out of town, 1st teething and other special events that happened with in her first year of life. I have already kept pictures after her first birthday so I could include them on her Year Two photobook which I will have printed by next year.

Some more pages...

The secret in making a photobook is patience and sticking onto your time frame.


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Mom Blog Society said...

I love it! Great job. Mom Blog Society is looking for members to feature. If you are interested come on over, we will find you don't worry.



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