Saturday, September 3, 2011

Friday 5 #3

1. What were the circumstances surrounding your most embarrassing (physical) stumble?
haha! It happned when I was in my last year of college, actually twice it happened. The first one was when my classmates and I were in the mall to have our lunch (the mall was beside our university). I was looking for the menus on the big black decorated boards of  some of the restaurants and I'm walking sideways. I didn't notice that I was on the edge of the stair and down I fell on the three step stairs. Yay! So emabrrassing really because there were people who were coming from the outside of the mall and they were shock at what happened to me.

2. As summer winds down and autumn makes its approach, what are you most looking forward to in the changing of the seasons?
You know, here in the Philippines we only have two seasons, the rainy and the summer seasons. Basically when it's summer heat, it's really summer - very very hot, and when it's raining it's pouring. I hope to have a season in between the two..

3. What’s something you’ve recently fallen for?
Literally? Haha! Actually I fell in love with Beastly when I saw the movie yesterday and so I'm so excited for the weekend to come so I can buy the book :)

4. Of what has there been a shortfall in your life recently?
just about some unmet expectations..

5. Has there been any kind of windfall in your life in the past few months?
Yeah, my sister suffered from slight depression last month, but I thank God for she's doing fine now..


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