Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Monday Memories #9, #10 and #11

Monday Memories... ahhh.. It has been a couple of weeks since I last posted on my beloved open diary. I have been so busy on my daughter's first birthday that I have to sacrifice some of my daily activities just to make sure that every details of the party will be in the right place.

Now let me go ahead and do this..

Monday Memories - June 14, 2011
"You could write a memory you have about your mother's role in the family."

My mother. At most time since she passed away, I can't help not to cry whenever I talk about my mother. She's one generous woman. She knows the word sacrifice very well. She has been a mother and a father to us. She's a 'Jill-of-all-trade' as how some of our friends describe her. And I think, she CAN do everything - or maybe she just TRY to do everything for her children. She's very organized, she pack and put things very orderly. She will put all of her children's baby clothes in one box, she'll put all of our old books and notebooks in another box and even though there's no label on it, she still know what's in it. She cooks very good and she do it well. She never get tired of washing our clothes and folding it on the same day. She never get bored listening to our stories. she's a very quiet woman but whenever we have visitors, she sees to it that her role as the hospitable guest is shown. Ahh.. I miss her so much. And not a single day will pass that I don't.

Monday Memories - June 19, 2011
"This week's round of Monday Memories to stories about our fathers, our relationship with them, or about any male that played an important role in our lives."

I'm sorry that I can't write a story about my father. I have a very vague memory of him in my childhood days. But one thing that I remember about him was that, he's strict, and whenever he leave for work, he will hand on to my mother our "assignments" for a week. Please take note that at that time, I was only 3 years old. And yes I remember that moment. Those assignments are couple of activities that we have to answer like Reading, addition and subtraction. SO no wonder that I can read English and Filipino at the age of 3. And hey! At that time, I don't know whether to thank him or not. But when I became a teacher, I had been thankful that my father gave his time to teach me and my siblings to read and write at an early age...

Monday Memories - June 26, 2011
"You could write about memories from your table, or choose another item from your childhood home or your current home and share the memories connected to it."

Hahaha! You know I don't know what is on the table that it's more fun to talk while eating than while watching the television or before going to bed :) And my family is no different with any other family who love to talk over the table while having lunch or dinner. I also remember while growing up that my father will always remind us not to talk while eating, but we just can't help it. And we always do that when he's not around. We will talk about our classmates, school activities, crushes (haha! at most times we just live teasing each other), problems and other stuff. We also talk about some neighbors and their cooking and how our mother's cooking is better than them (of course that's my mother!) But it's true, my mother cooks very well.


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Josie said...

It was wonderful to come here and see that you've caught up on all the Monday Memories! That was so sweet of you! I haven't had much time for blogging lately either, and I sure miss it when I can't.

It sounds like your mother was very much like mine was, she loved us by taking such good care of us and the house, and she taught us manners and how to act when we had company. I miss her cooking terribly. I can't make things taste exactly like hers did!

My father was also very busy earning a living, he provided for us well, but did not have a lot of time to spend with us. Doing well in school, and finding a way to make a good living to support ourselves was very important to him. It sounds like your Dad was on the right track with wanting you to work at learning, even when young!

Sometimes our table was a place of fun conversation and sharing, sometimes it was where arguements and tears occured. We did a lot of living and growing up around that table. I will get my story about it written tonight or tomorrow nite!

If you ever have a good suggestion for Monday Memories, please feel free to share it with me. I am always open to good ideas! :-)


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