Monday, June 20, 2011

My Bundle Of Joy

How sweet it is to wake up everyday and see you smile :)

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Spanish Pinay said...

It's a sweet, sweet blessing every morning to see their sweet, sweet smile, isn't it? :)

Spanish Pinay

Josie said...

What a beautiful little daughter you have! It would be impossible not to smile in the morning with this little angel greeting you!

Cherrylej, I hope you will return to Monday Memories... I miss you there!

~Josie Two Shoes~
Two Shoes In Texas 
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Josie said...

Hi Again! I read your comment on Monday Memories today! I am so glad you will be back. You are welcome to write a post now for this week. It doesn't have to be on Monday! :-) I can't find an email to message you, so I am leaving this here. I hope you will post on Monday Memories and Write A Letter Wednesday soon!!

Jenny said...

I'm not sure.

I think you might be tired.

And, hey...

What kind of a blogfriend would I be to NOT volunteer to babysit.


I'd be totally happy to take that adorable morsel of babiness for a few hours...

Just to help out...

You know?

What a sweet, sweet baby.


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