Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ten On Tuesday #7

1. How do you pronounce the word aunt? Does your pronunciation rhyme with ‘haunt’ or ‘can’t'?
It rhymes with 'haunt' when I pronounce it..

2. Do most of the people in your life know you blog? Or are you partially or totally anonymous?
my family know I'm blogging, my brother has a blog too..

3. When you grocery shop, do you prefer to bag your own groceries or do you like it when the store bags them for you? Paper, plastic, or reusable bags?
I prefer my reusable bag and I hope they can give me the chance to bag my own grocery so I can properly arrange it. I remember one time when the baggage boy places the frozen goods scattered, some are with the canned goods, some are with the veggies, totally weird..

4. Do you have a green thumb?
oh yes I do, but I don't have time :)

5. If you watch the Food Network, which chef/show host is your favorite?
I like Food Network even if most of the time the chefs cooking make me hungry all the time and makes me hate that the grocery fas quite far from where we live :P My favorite chef is Giada de Laurentiis, I love everything she cook, or maybe because I love Italian food..

picture source

picture source

6. Do you like to take baths? Do you take them very often?
bath as in taking a bath?! Oh yes of course. It's not only part of your hygiene but it also freshen you up..

7. What color are the walls in your kitchen?
since this isn't our permanent house and we don't attempt to change anything here yet, it's color was the same as many years before - apple green..

8. Do you prefer to dine outdoors or indoors?
both. But of course it will depend on the weather :)

9. Describe your ideal weather.
it's in the middle of hot and cold :)

10. If you could learn any foreign language, which would you choose to learn?
French :)


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