Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Top 10 Tuesday #7

Top Ten {Tuesday}

Things I Learned About Being A Mom (For Ten Months)

I am a stay at home mother for just TEN MONTHS and still adjusting and trying to balance everything - chores, taking care of the little miss AND the husband, blogging, connecting with friends and the outside world and most importantly, maintaining my sanity. In my ten months of being a mother without MY OWN mother beside me to support and to correct me, I have learned quite a number of things about my journey and I hope to write the same title post after a year.

1. I've learned that your baby will never tell you "mommy I'm hungry, pull up your shirt right this moment!" You have to be so sensitive on when she's hungry or bored or have pooped.

2. I've learned that your baby can sense the panic you have inside if something is not right. She will cry as if asking you "what's going on?"

3. I've learned that mothers are baby's first playmates.

4. I've learned that if you want your child to remember things, let her GET USED to it by always doing (repeating) it.

5. I've learned that time flies so fast you have to have your camera with you ALL THE TIME. To capture the precious moments you wanted to share with your kids when they grow up, and with their kids when it's time for them to have.

6. I've learned to not be pressured by what other mothers tell about their kids' developments. Give your child enough time to learn things by not pressuring them to.

7. I've learned that comparison is inevitable. Just smile and never comment. Or if possible, walk away.

8. I've learned that the way you planned to do things before you were a mom and the way you actually do things after becoming one, are two different things.

9. I've learned that my mother was a wonderful woman. She worked full time and still able to take care of four kids running around the house, messing everything with bruised knees and elbows. I have never seen a pile of laundry or unfolded clothes sitting for days. Or dirty dishes in the sink nor dusts at home when I was growing up. I wonder if she could have written all her tricks and published it, that might have been the #1 bestselling book in the market!

10. I've learned that being a mom is the hardest, most important and most rewarding job there is - and I wouldn't trade it for anything!



A Gracious Home said...

You have learned a lot. One of the mistakes I made as a very young mom was to not show my children the realities of life. My three daughters still think we had a perfect home and family. Two of them are divorced. One has been divorced twice. They never learned that families fight. Doylene

Melissa @ Half Dozen Mama said...

You've learned much in these early days of mothering! You sound like a great mom. I had an idea of what things 'should' be like when my first was a babe and that left me with anxiety and stress. By baby number 6, I was a different mama! God has used my children like NOTHING else in my life to teach me His truths and lessons. God bless you!

Katie said...

What great lessons! I have learned that every mother's journey is the same but also different. For example, my baby will cry and try to pull my shirt up when he's hungry and has always been clear on when he wants to eat. But everything else especially naps have always been a guessing game.

I have also learned the imagined and real can be so different and that the fastest way to make something happen is to say, "Oh I'll never..."

Happy mothering!

Caroline said...

Really great reflection here. I'm so blessed by what all I learn as a mother, and how much it challenges me to grow and lean on faith!

What beautiful love you've shown here! Thanks for this top ten list!


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