Wednesday, May 11, 2011

NaBloPoMo May Prompt #7

Prompt #7 - May 10: What decision is currently weighing on your mind?

It's all about my daughter's guestbook. I was actually thinking of looking for other printing shops (even if it means traveling  far downtown). I don't think that the one that we visited last weekend convinced me enough to just go with it. I mean I have mentioned on my other post that the type of guestbook that the shop was offering was not what I'm expecting. I'm a bit in a hurry to do stuff for my daughter's birthday simply because my husband will leave for London by the end of the month. And my daughter can be left to my in laws without crying for couple of hours. And that actually worries me that she'll be (and so as my in laws) will be stressed when I leave her. But not to worry because I already did my research just a few hours ago about printing shops, so I guess this will be one less thing to worry about by Friday :)

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