Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Mayhem #8

Join Us for Monday Mayhem

Mother's Monday Mayhem

Welcome to Monday Mayhem.
Today we are all about Mother's.
Answer the questions and/or post a video and have fun!!!!!

Q1. Is there really a such thing as a 'perfect' mother? What is your definition of one?
every mother is perfect in the eyes of her children. It may be forgotten but after the children had their own family and realize how hard it is to be a parent (especially to be a mother), they'd remember their own mother..

Q2. What famous person must have had a great mother?
the heroes?

Q3. What kind of mother's or what mother would you like to have a talk with to give some direction?
my own mother..

{The Video is taking forever to upload because I'm using the old editor, I'm not sure what's going on with posting today, so here's the url just in case you'd like to see. Let me edit this soon: Happy Mother's Day from the GiggleBellies.}

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