Monday, May 9, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday #6


On Saturday we went to the mall to have my daughter's guestbook printed. But to my surprise, the CD (where I saved the file) was empty. I was confused on how it happened when I realized that yes, I didn't burn it. I just wrote the label on the CD case but didn't burn it. Well anyway it's alright because the sample guestbook from the shop was not the one I wanted for my daughter's. It's hardbound and it was more like an album that I'd put on my coffee table rather than my guests write on it. Anyway it's a blessing in disguise :) We'll just look for another shop then. So after that we went to another shop to print the invitations and I think the outcome is fine. And while we waited for the printing to be done, we stroll around and took some pictures. Here's my yellow for today:


Shahz said...

Beautiful photo,

chubskulit said...


Mind dropping by at my mellow yellow post? Have a nice week ahead.

{Liz} said...



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