Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday Memories #7

What special memories do you have of summertime?

When I was young, my family (my grandfather's family on my father side) used to own this ancestral house in Laguna where we used to spend our summer, family reunion and other family gatherings. We had so much fun and memories in that house. It's where my father and his father was born. Most of the times in my younger years, I thought Jose Rizal was born there :) However the time has come for my grandfather's sister to take the house where he lived all his life, when he died. I learned that the ancestral house was given to my grandfather's sister by their parents. So the house was renovated and no longer will you see the old memorable house. My sister said it was painted orange or something to that hue. And there is a very high gate now covering the house.

This photo is from one of my sister's facebook account. That's the house in Laguna. The photo on the left was taken, I believe, in 1900 before it was renovated (picture on the right). It was again renovated and as far as my memory serves me right, the house then no longer has those green bamboo. Right now I have no idea what the house looked like except for what my sister has told me.

Back then, my siblings and cousins used to play hide and seek. It's our old time favorite game. There was a drainage (a wide, clean drainage though) there and it's the best place to hide. We also used to talk about stories of ghosts on a near by 'hunted house' where my cousins said they swear to see floating white ladies. Of course when you're young, you believe every ghost stories you hear :) 

Now we celebrate reunions and other family gatherings on my eldest aunt's house where I spent my 14 years. And of course my siblings and cousins made a lot of memories of games and stories again and as well, on my aunt's house. Now that I already have my own family, sometimes I can still remember those memories from Laguna. And sometimes I wish I could turn back time just to experience once ah=gain, the happy memories of my childhood..


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Josie said...

A wonderful post of summer memories Cherrylej! How fun it would be to have a family home to return to with cousins and all, to celebrate and play and enjoy the innocence of childhood. I often too wish that for just one day I could go back to those simpler times and be a child again, with so little to worry about or work for. The house in your photos looks wonderful, it sounds like it was a place you loved to be! Thank you for sharing at Monday Memories, I appreciate you! :-)


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