Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Monday Memories #6

Most of the time, I think I don't like rainy days. I had quite a number of rainy day bad experiences in my college years. There has been a time when the storm was so strong that it pulled the umbrella top out of it's shaft. I was walking in front of the many students who don't have an umbrella and were on the shade to protect themselves. Haha! Whenever I remember that incident I can't help but laugh so hard. I had a presentation that day and while doing it, I was also drying my hair :)

Another experience that I thank God my family was one of those people who was not affected, was the typhoon Ondoy here in the Philippines. A lot of people where affected especially those that live on the lower part area. It happened four days after my wedding in 2009. According to Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Service (PAGASA) typhoon Ondoy was the worst in history. Many homes were affected and damaged seriously by the typhoon.

picture source
picture source
picture source
These are some of the photos of the aftermath of Typhoon Ondoy.


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Josie said...

Hello Cherrylej! I had to smile at the image of your umbrella being blown apart in the storm, as I have had this happen too. I'm glad you can now smile about doing the presentation with wet hair! :-) The typhoon sounded very scary, and it was tragic for so many families. I'm glad yours escaped it. Thank you for sharing an excellent post and great pictures to help us realize what occured. I appreciate you joining us for Monday Memories!


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