Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Memories #3

"Why don't you join me in writing about some place different or special that you've visited at some point in your life."

Well I remember when my husband and I went to Palawan (Philippines) for our honeymoon last 2009, one thing we did there which was unforgettable was the underground river also called bat cave, sight seeing. It's my first time on a place like that. The only light we have was the flashlight attached to the hard hat of our tour guide and the light from one of the tourist's camcorder. It was fun really, because you won't see anything like that on ordinary days. But you have to be careful looking up with your mouth open or you'll have the taste of a bat's pee, yay!

that's us inside the Bat Cave
view outside the Bat Cave


Josie said...

How much fun I'm sure that was for you! Yes, the photo I posted is of the inside of a cave, it's where we went this weekend. I'll be writing my story about it tonite. I love the mysterious darkness, and the coolness. And yes, there are bats, thousands of them, but thankfully not hanging around in the deep chamber we toured! :-) Thank you for participating in Monday Memories. I went ahead and added a link for you in the Mister Linky, so folks can find your post!
~Josie Two Shoes~
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JL Dodge said...

WOW that would be tottally cool !!


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