Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Mayhem #7

Join Us for Monday Mayhem


Woohoo! Another Monday Mayhem and today we are all about inspirations.

Answer the three questions and/or post your inspirational video.

Have fun!

Q1. What inspires your more- 3 loads of laundry that needs to be put away or a TV preacher? the laundry, I'd rather listen to a preacher in person..

Q2. What do inflated gas prices inspire you to do? commute!

Q3. What has inspired you over the past week? my daughter's up coming birthday, comments from dear friends and Color Me Katie!

-the video-
I will never forget this video. He is an example of a person who, no matter what circumstances he was in, never gave up and finished the race.


Mama on a Green Mission said...

This is something neat to blog about - I love the Monday questions! :) Thanks so much for linking up to our Super Stalker Sunday! We hope to see you back next week! I am following you on GFC and Twitter! Have a wonderful week!

April @ Mama on a Green Mission

I am Harriet said...

That is a wonderful video.
Thanks so much for playing!
Have a great week.


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