Saturday, May 14, 2011

I'm Following You - But I'm Not!

Have you ever experienced following a blog, and then after a couple of day you come back to that blog to read new posts and then you will notice that you're not a follower of that blog when in fact you are? And then history repeats itself next time? It is happening to me. especially on blog hops. I don't know what's wrong because I make sure that I click 'follow' one blog before the other so I won't be confused. Like this one. At the Smart and Trendy Moms, she has a bloghop every weekend, and I joined for like two weeks now. And every week I have to 'follow' her blog because my avatar don't show on the follow box. So now what I used on following her is my twitter account. Some glitch. Hay..



Madison said...

Good question, it has happened to me too. I think, but don't quote me on this, that following on blogger is seperate than google friend, so my experience has been, when I go back to visit, I do not show up on the google friend square.

I might be wrong, who knows, I'm learning my way around this blogging buisness. I am however, interested in what your the other followers have to say.

Michelle said...

Usually when I don't see myself, I try to "follow" again and it tells me to sign in using whichever account I followed with. I'm still there, just not signed in. Thanks for stopping by the S & R weekend hop and for posting the button!!! Have a great weekend.


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