Friday, May 6, 2011

April Blog Challenge Prompt #15

Prompt 15: My Favorite Thing That Happened This Month (The Last Prompt For April)

Actually there are lots of things that happened this month but let me see what could be my favorite... Hmm..  Okay that's it! I now have a new office table. Yup, I am actually using our old starter table, it's when my husband and I were staying in a small apartment when we got married and we bought this small collapsible table for two because the apartment was so small we couldn't buy a family table then. And when we moved here, it's when we decided to buy a bigger table. So instead of the starter table to be just put aside, I used it. But I'm not satisfied with it because.... (hold your breath)

It was the 'table for all' and not my 'laptop' or 'craft table.'  So I was really happy when last Saturday I had it.

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