Monday, May 2, 2011

Another Award

Another award! Wow thank you! This is from AlphAlava although when I checked the site, it was not available for public viewing, but I am so happy! Thanks a lot. So I have to answer the question "What can you do for nature?"

Well if given a chance, I will join every tree planting activities available for me, or waste segregation campaign. But since being a stay at home mom doesn't me from doing so (because my daughter can't take a moment not seeing me), I started it in myself - be more nature friendly like bringing your own bag to the grocery, or if that can't be avoidable, never ever burn plastic. Since I was young I never wanted to see or smell plastics being burned, I can't breathe. Aside from that it damages the ozone layer. Can you just imagine the things happening today around us? If only we don't cut trees without planting a replacement, if only we don't throw garbages in places that we shouldn't, if only we use cloth bag instead of plastic bags..

When I was in college, I heard some candidates who run for student body organization (it's a student body government) say this: "If you want change, start with yourself."

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