Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday 9 #4

Saturday 9: No Body Knows When You're Down

1. What is the most "down and out" that you've ever been? when my mom died..

2. Do you believe there is only one "right" religion? not a religion, but only ONE God..

3. If you could get back in touch with one person you've lost touch with, who would it be and why? Rosette, she's a good friend of mine back when we were working together. But she has this habit that when you resign, she'll find new friend and you're like no longer friends at all.. Also my friend Raiza, we're very close but due to some circumstances, we lost our communication..

4. Has anyone ever held the key to your heart, but did not know it? yes, my family, my friends and God..

5. If your lover cheated on you and profusely apologized, might you accept them back in your life? next question..

6. Have you ever gone to work/school drunk or stoned? If yes, do tell. hahaha! never ever!

7. Who is your favorite relative? aside from my witty, genius brother, on my cousins it's cuz Mina and cuz Rizza. They're fun to be with especially cuz Mina, and if I need someone to lean on or a very good advice, I will go directly to cuz Rizza ..

8. What annoys you most? when people don't keep their promise..

9. Tell us of one thing you used to do that you are not proud of? nothing, I'm not a show off type, most of the time I keep everything to myself and to my bestfriend..


I am Harriet said...

I hate when people cannot keep a promise.

Have a great weekend!

shopannies said...

so sorry I remember how I was when my dad passed as well memories are comforting but will always miss him come see the rest of my answers at


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