Saturday, April 16, 2011

30 Days Of Blogging (Day 22)

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Day 22 - What's In Your Make Up Kit

Honestly, not much. I'm not a fan of make ups. I like it simple. Mascara and eyeliners are enough to me, although I sometimes use lipsticks -matte- when my friends teases me that I look pale sometimes they think I'm a blood sucker so I can't be under the sun. Haha! That's really funny. But true. I'm a lover of mascara. Name it. I can't live without it. There has been times when some bosses in the company I worked with will ask me what brand am I using, or the techniques in putting on mascara. I'm not saying that I'm pretty good with it but I guess when you love something you'll really work hard to at least master it right? And have I mentioned that I love Revlon? Yup. I love that brand. And I love what they make of Penelope Cruz' eyes. Wow! They're gorgeous and she is! Take a look at her eyes and you will see what I look like everyday. THE EYES is what I mean, don't get me wrong. I like dark eyes although mine aren't so I always play with mascara and eyeliners. When my eyes are pretty pimped, I feel so beautiful and prepared, LOL!

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