Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Blog Dare (April 6)

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Yippee! I'm on my second day for the April Blog Dare. Calling all mommies out there, you may want to join in the fun (**wink). I have enough time today to post early and to check on my facebook account since I'm finishing my daughter's guestbook.

Today's challenge: April 6, 2011 - A typical evening at our home...

My husband is always working late so every weekdays I was the only one who have dinner after I put my baby to sleep. I' just keep his portion so when he gets home, he could eat. But on weekends, we make sure that the three of us have dinner together. We'll cook early before baby gets sleepy so she could sit with us at the dinner table. I guess if after three or four years and hubby's schedule would still be that way, my constant companion then every dinner would be my baby huh. Hmmm... Well not bad, as long as we keep our weekend dinner together as family or even with other relatives and friends, that would be fine with me then.

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