Wednesday, April 6, 2011

30 Days Of Blogging (Day 12)

Day 12 and here I go...

Day 12 - What You Believe

Let me enumerate what I believe...
1. I believe in God. I believe that He is our only Savior and that He died to save us from the fires of hell.
2. I believe that people by nature are good. No matter how bad a person has done, there's still goodness in him.
3. I believe that children are our future (yep, teach them well and let them lead the way LOL) - true. But I'm not saying that I'll complete a basketball team here though.
4. I believe that peace is a choice. I remember quite a long time ago, our church pastor told us an illustration about being calm in the midst of trouble where he told us about a family of bird in their nest peacefully sleeping despite the storm. And I believe on that. They chose to be calm, to be at peace with any circumstances they are.
5. I believe in balance.

Well, guess that's it. everyone has their own beliefs and all we have to do then is to respect that. I guess I can add that on my list then.

Here's my 30 Days Of Blogging update:
Day 1-Introduce, recent picture, 15 interesting facts
Day 2-Meaning behind your blog name
Day 3-Your first love
Day 4-Your parents
Day 5-Your favorite recipes
Day 6-A picture of something that makes you happy
Day 7-Favorite movies
Day 8-A place you've traveled to
Day 9-A picture of your friends
Day 10-Something you're afraid of
Day 11-Favorite TV shows

Day 12-What you believe
Day 13-Goals
Day 14-A picture you love
Day 15-Bible verse
Day 16-Dream house
Day 17-Something you're looking forward to
Day 18-Something you regret
Day 19-Something you miss
Day 20-Nicknames
Day 21-Picture of yourself
Day 22-What's in your makeup bag
Day 23-Favorite vacation
Day 24-Something you've learned
Day 25-Put your iPod on shuffle, first 10 songs
Day 26-Picture of your family
Day 27-Pets
Day 28-Something that stresses you out
Day 29-3 Wishes
Day 30-a picture 

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