Sunday, February 27, 2011

Random Question #23

1. Have you had a friend for many years​ and then they left just like that?​ yes
2. How loud do you listen to your music? not too loud
3. What is more important:​ happiness or trust​?​ trust, then happiness will follow
4. Ever kissed someone else'​s girlfriend​/​boyfriend?​ no
5. Do you take walks​ often​?​ yes
6. What were you doing​ at 1am this morning?​ still surfing the net (",)
7. Last thing​ you did before bed last night​? brush my teeth
8. You'​re thinking about​ someone,​ aren'​t you? yes
9. How many people do you trust​?​ not many, I think only 3
10. Why did your last relationship end? it's not meant to be

Snagged from diane who also got it here.

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