Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fancy Eyeglasses

I should have finished this post two hours ago if only I wasn't distracted by these beautiful wallpapers which you can check  out here.

Haha! Well anyways, I already have my new pair of eyeglasses last night. Two weeks ago I went to an ophthalmologist to have my eyes checked. And I learned that my left eye has a 20/125 and my right has a 20/75 vision with a grade of 50 on both eyes. So since my last eye check up was 7 years ago, I believe it's high time that my old glasses be replaced. So I tried on different samples of eyeglasses and I was able to pick one with red frames. I think it was cool. Although I'm used to my old one because it's very light, this one has already been upgraded aside from the eye grade, the glass itself has a rim. My old one has a frame on the upper part only. So this was a bit heavy. Nevertheless, I want this, I will no longer suffer from headache and I would be able to read conveniently.

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