Monday, January 10, 2011

Starting My Year Right

I am one of those who eats a lot during Christmas and New Year and makes a resolution of getting those extra pounds off my belly on the following week. Though I didn't eat a lot this year, I already have those extra pounds from my birthing last June and still wasn't able to exercise month after because I'm breastfeeding and I had a C-section. But now that it has been 6 months, I am ready. To make my year and my perspective right, I bought a pair of rubber shoes that I loved so much I can't sleep for few hours and so I took pictures of it. I have also inquired at the nearest gym for their open time and program for a beginner like me. Beginner in the sense that I will work out now that I already have a baby. I used to go to the gym when I was still single and it's fun, it's great and it's making me feel like everything's so light.
So I hope to start my gym nest week, still doing something important this week, and that's listing my dietary meal for a week. My husband and I went to the grocery earlier and we're both excited for our salads, fish menu and fruits for this week. Well, not a bad start eh? (",)

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