Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Heartbreak of a Friend

I learned today that a friend had her heart broken. I know it was painful and hard. Not to mention the days that she has to bear knowing that all of her plans and dreams are gone. But one thing's for sure - everything will come to pass.

How many heartbreaks do we have to experience? Can we really count it out? I remember the first time I had my heart broken, thought I heard Whitney Houston singing "where do broken hearts go, when they find their way home..." 'twas really painfully because I don't know yet what to do. How can you deal with how you feel? Well, I learned from the best...

Share How you Feel. There's nothing more relieving than sharing your heart's out. Everyone of us has someone, a best friend who's willing to give her shoulder to cry on, to trust our deepest feeling. Someone who's willing to listen and not judge.

Remember Who You Are. It's not good to blame it all to yourself. Every story has two sides. All you need to do then, is to accept that both of you have reasons for calling it quits. You know who you are better than him. And this isn't a reason to indulge in any kind of bad habits like cigars and liquor. You have to take care of yourself for the right person.

Cry Out Loud. Who says you can't? Go on! Pour your hearts out as if you don't have a work tomorrow or a pile of dishes to do! This is the right time to ask for a leave/vacation. You can't make anything right if your mind is distorted, can you? Don't be afraid to cry.

Be A Busy Bee. Make yourself busy so your mind won't have any chance of reminding you every minute that you're in pain.

Keep Your Cool. Don't fret, don't make any more mistakes that you will regret.

Give Yourself Time To Heal. Even if people around you are telling you to move on, give yourself the time to heal. It's your heart that's in pain. We can't rush it. Nothing is more hurtful than a person in rebound. Keep it low. Time will come for everything. Like the healing...

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