Thursday, September 29, 2011

30 Day List

I have another challenge for you guys who wants daily prompt for their blogs. Actually on my Challenges Tab, I have a collection of few challenges if you want. Go ahead and check it.

Day 1 - Goal for October
Day 2 - I am happiest when..
Day 3 - List of people I love
Day 4 - A list of things to do on a Sunday morning
Day 5 - Things I need an applications for
Day 6 - Favorite color combination
Day 7 - Things I am not good at..
Day 8 - Things that reminds me of my childhood
Day 9 - Weekend plans..
Day 10 - At this moment..
Day 11 - Favorite things at this time of the year
Day 12 - Never have I ever: (list)
Day 13 - Things I do to procrastinate..
Day 14 - My favorite outfit
Day 15 - Things that motivates me..
Day 16 - My dream job..
Day 17 - Fictional characters that i have fallen in love with..
Day 18 - A few of my favorite things..
Day 19 - Inventions I wish were real..
Day 20 - My dream space would include..
Day 21 - TV shows that I'd like to see comeback..
Day 22 - Ways to avoid house work..
Day 23 - If I won the lottery..
Day 24 - things I like to do when I'm sick
Day 25 - Today's to-do list..
Day 26 - Things to do before my next birthday
Day 27 - Words and phrases I over use..
Day 28 - If I rule the world..
Day 29 - Things that were awesome about this month..
Day 30 - I'm proud of myself for..

So there you go! I'll keep you posted if ever I have some more ;-)


1 comment:

Foursons said...

Oh, I always need blog ideas! Love this so much.

Long story, but I changed my URL from a (dot)net to *sigh*


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