Friday, August 26, 2011

Recipe Books

I went to the mall this afternoon. Of course when I say I that includes my daughter and my husband, it's really impossible to get out with my daughter only since she's already walking. I'm so scared I might lose her. Haha! Anyway, I bought three recipe books before we watched Cars 2. I'm running out of recipe idea lately. I need to have new recipes since my daughter has an allergic reaction to egg and chicken. Yup. When she was 8 month old I have already noticed some rashes around her mouth whenever I feed her with small bite sized chicken and egg. When she turned one, I asked her pedia about it and she said that my daughter might have allergies. And who doesn't love chicken? Well maybe some vegetarians and others who also have  allergies. Actually I also have an allergic reaction on seafoods except for fish. Some friends told me to continue eating seafoods so that I would be immune to its allergy. but I didn't follow their advice. What will happen to my daily activity if I have rashes all over me? Haha! So tomorrow I'd like to try one of the recipes from these recipe books especially the vegetable meals.


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