Wednesday, May 4, 2011

NaBloPoMo May Prompt #3

Prompt #3 - May 4: Talk about you feel about making decisions.

Sometime I feel very very uneasy especially if I have to make a decision right now. You know, like the one asking for it are in a hurry and I wasn't given enough time to think about it? I don't like that. But if it's work related like if I'm requested to be the emcee or if I have to make the backdrop, then it's fine. But if I'm in a grocery and I have to choose which prize I want to take home, I always choose which is more important. Like on Saturday, I have to decide which office desk would I wanted to buy. That's somewhat important really because if I'm not gonna decide then, I have to wait for another Saturday. So I choose which table was more functional. How about family matter? Or family related thing? Well I have to talk about it with my husband. Sometimes you will be in a situation that you wanted it so badly but you remembered that you're not the only one to decide about it. Like one time when I went to the mall with my two sisters, there's a book stall there which will only be for a weekend. They request us to see their demo on one of my nephew. It was so amazing and I think the the book set is really gonna be helpful for my daughter and my nephews, but it's not for us (my sisters and I) only to decide. The sales lady was getting so demanding that we sign their paper and then we pay them only a thousand bucks each and the books will be delivered the following day and we'll be paying every Saturday. To her it was easy. Fill out the paper, pull out a thousand bucks and wait every Saturday. She's really getting into my nerve that I just told her that we'll be in the mall until late night so my sisters and I will think about it and we'll call our husbands and she said she'll wait for us to come back. Of course we didn't. We went straight to the parking lot after strolling and never pass that stall. Whew!

Bottom line, if I could help it, I don't want to be rushed in making a decision. And I don't want to decide alone if I have to decide with a team.

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