Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Mayhem #9

Join Us for Monday Mayhem

Simply answer the questions and/or post a related video.
Today's topic is "Are you nuts!!??".

On a side note...we have a scheduled two more weeks of videos. Would you prefer to continue with the video and three questions or should we go go back to the question thing or should we just ride off into the sunset? (You can put your answer into your post.)  I think the (random) question thing is better ..

Thanks for playing!

Q1. What was the think you heard that was just plain nuts?
umm.. let me ask the politicians LOL!

Q2. What have you recently done that others may consider to be nuts?
I'm taking/doing macro photos (shoot) in the garden, I guess some people don't know the right term to what I'm doing then, people passing by are looking at me with their brows crooked and with slightly open mouth as if to say "what the...?!"

Q3. When is it okay to be nuts?
when you totally go insane LOL!

-the video-

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