Sunday, May 1, 2011

April Blog Challenge Prompt #12

Prompt 12: The Last Book I have read (and review if possible)..

Although this isn't the last book I have read (I think I finished this last March), this is what I want to tackle this :) Mary Higgins Clark's Two Little Girls In Blue. I love this book. I love Mary Higgins Clark's collection.
This was a story of twin girls with telepathy whose family has just recently moved to a small town. Ahile their parents for the first time after they moved there, went on a date with friends, they were left to a nanny's care for the night. The young nanny had never thought that a kidnapping will happen. And so the search begin. The family was asked to produce a ransom money for the twins and they were assured that the kids will then be sent home safe. However, one of the twins, Kathy, has a very bad case of allergy. And so one of the kidnappers who dreamed of having her own kid, thought of taking Kathy with them after sending the other twin home once they get the ransom money. So Kelly was sent home and the family was told that Kathy was already dead. On the day of Kathy's 'burial' Kelly told her mom that Kathy wants to go home and that she was very very sick and afraid of Mona, the kidnapper. Her parents thought that because she and her twin were so attached that she's suffering from a post traumatic experience which was actually normal according to her pedia. As it was really alarming that Kelly was very very sure Kathy was still communicating with her that made their mother investigate whether Kelly is still alive or not.

As a parent (now) I have been affected by this story when I read it. I got scared for my daughter's safety. But then again, I thought, if my husband and I are to go out for a date, we'll leave her with my in laws or my sister for I know she will be safe with them.

I have read in a local newspaper last February, about a two month old baby being kidnapped while her mother was doing the laundry beside their house. Their front door was open for ventilation when a lady in mid 30's knocked on their door and asked for help because she was 'robbed.' The mother then entertained her when the baby cried, the stranger then carried the baby and asked how old the baby was. It was awkward for the mother to see stranger carrying her baby so she asked her to put her down while she went to get a bill in her purse. After giving the money and the stranger gone, she went back to her laundry when, after a couple of minutes she never heard her baby make a sound, she went in just to discover that her baby was gone! She and her husband whom she called from work, went to the barangay to report the incident, learned that they were the third family to report in one week time.

Gosh. That was really scary. So you see, we really have to do everything to protect our family especially our children. We don't know what things could happen to them.


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