Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Memories #2

"This week at Monday Memories let's write about a dream we've had at some point in life. It can be the sleeping variety or the dreams of our desires."

When I was young I used to have a reoccurring nightmares that I sometimes wake up with a fever. My mother used to tell me that it's because I watch Twilight Zone and other scary movies that I always have a bad dream. At this time, I can still remember it very clearly I don't know why. 

And then there are times I dream of things that happens in real life and then I will just burst, "hey, this has already happened!" Some of my friends tell me that maybe I was reincarnated and that that dream was from a long time ago. I don't really know what to believe. But it actually made me become fascinated in reading stories and novels about reincarnation. But at times, I believe that dreams are where our souls would want to go and visit so to escape from reality.



About JollyJilly said...

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Nice to meet you
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Anonymous said...

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Josie said...

Hi Cherrylej! You've done a great post about dreams. It is amazing how we can so vividly remember the details of some dreams from long ago, isn't it? I've also had times in my life where I remember something happening in a dream before it actually happened in real life, like the dream was a preview or real life is deja vu!

linda may said...

G'day, just dropped by to see what you said about dreams. I have had the types of dreams that you mentioned. fascinating things dreams, aren't they.

Lisa said...

I enjoyed your post. Sorry I didn't blog about the prompt. I had a memory I had posted elsewhere. See ya next Monday.



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