Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Memories #1

I found this blog/meme on one of the blogs I follow which posts all (or maybe not all) of the blog memes she can collect everyday. Take note. EVERYDAY. Wow. I think she has this thing for research you know. Oh! Go ahead and check her blog so in case you'd like to do some memes everyday as well. Here's her blog:

So today, Monday Memories is a new meme I'm joining because I really, really love to travel back in time. Back in my childhood days where everything is simple and full of fun and my siblings and I (and don't forget our favorite cousin Mina) used to play and enjoy.

"What shopping experiences did you had when you were young, or in recent years?  Have you had a nightmare experience you want to tell us about, or a clerk that went the extra mile to be helpful? Did you purchase something special, or have a store you just loved to visit?"

picture source
Honestly, we seldom go shopping when I was a little girl. And the mall (I mistakenly thought it was a mall then) near our village then was the one in the picture above. That's Liana's Supermarket. That big actually. You can buy your grocery needs, clothes, hardware stuff, name it. That's why i thought it was a mall back then. Haha. But I love that store. In recent time I've had so many bad experience with some cashiers and sales lady/men. They're a bit rude and kind of lazy. I try to understand them especially if it's past six pm because maybe they're already tired for working the whole day. But I don't think that should always be their excuse.

By the way, I saw this article about "The Mall Driven Society" and you might want to read it. Happy Monday everyone!


Josie said...

Hello Cherrylej! It was so good of you to join us at Monday Memories! There were no shopping malls where I grew up either, it was small town life with a few stores for basic needs. Life sure was much simpler then, I miss it! And yes, clerks are often much less friendly and helpful nowdays. I think management has some to do with that, so does upbringing. I try to be pleasant with the customers where I work regardless of how tired I am or what's going on in my life. It's not their fault! I hope you'll stop by Monday Memories again next week. Check out Write A Letter Wednesday too, I just read a great one you wrote to your foot!! :-))
~Josie Two Shoes~
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Amanda said...

Shopping was something special for us kids too. The local grocery stores still gave credit to the regulars and would write everything down in a dirty but meticulously kept notebook.

linda may said...

I can remember hating shopping when I was very small, except for the toy shops.There were no malls that I can remember when I was very small. But the toy shop was down near the ferry wharf and it had hand puppets I loved to collect.


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