Thursday, April 14, 2011

Alphabe Thursday #1

Jenny Matlock

Alphabe-Thursday Alphabet Soup

Hey there! Well this is my first time to join Alphabe-Thursday. I'm so into memes lately because I'm having fun. And I get to know some people and blogs. Oh I hope you would try this. This is really fun! Click on the button to direct you on Jenny Matlock's blog. Have fun!

W is for WHY?!

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I made a desktop calendar for my laptop and for my husband's so that he could change the picture collage I also made for him four months ago. But at some point it's not sending. I placed it on a zip folder so it will be a smaller file when I attached it to the mail, but it's really not working. And guess what. It took me three hours and twenty minutes before I realized that I have to stop and just wait for my husband to come home so I could send it to him via bluetooth. Oh man... But anyway at least I have a desktop calendar.

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Jenny said...

Hmmm.... this concerns me that there are no comments here for your blog.

I am really unsure why nobody visited...the link worked just fine.

I share your dismay in trying to do things like that. It always makes me feel silly to have to wait until my husband gets home...sigh...

Thanks for linking.

This was a cute Alphabet Soup post.



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