Thursday, April 21, 2011

30 Days Of Blogging (Day 27)

Day 27 - Pets

I will be talking about my pet. You see, when I was little I used to have a dog and we named him 'Tiger' because he had stripes like that of a tiger although he's brown. I had him as a puppy and he grew up to be my best friend then. He's a sweet dog. Whenever my mother gives me my daily milk, I will share him some. I remember one time when one of my playmates came over to our house and we were playing 'step-no.' She touched my shoulder to hold on because she will fall then when Tiger bite her. My dog thought my friend was hurting me (a bit of a problem but she had vaccine then). And then one time when I went out side with my mother who's disposing our garbage, a dog from our neighbor jumped out from the fence and was ready to attack us. Our gate was open and came Tiger rushing to protect us from the mad neighbor's dog. He was my hero for twice a time. But he's afraid of the fireworks. Whenever New Years come, we will lock him in our room so he will not run outside. But one new year eve a friend of my father came to celebrate with us. He opened the gate and didn't close it. Tiger ran out and never did we see him again. I cried for a couple of weeks because of what happened. My parents has already asked the subdivision guards in case they have seen Tiger. But he never came home. My heart was broken. He was my dog and my hero. My mother promised me another dog but the love and the friendship that Tiger and I had can never be replaced.

So I had dogs after him but same old story, they will die and then I will cry for a while. Then I realized and learned about death. That it will hurt but sooner or later you will learn to accept that it's God's plan.

So you better have a good camera to capture the moments then! LOL!

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Babymama said...

Boo. :( and I agree...always take lots of pics!

Found you on bloggymoms.



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